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What We Offer


Coding Club

Available: All Year 

Working with K-12 school districts, we are creating after school programming which will provide a safe and supportive environment for peers and mentors to immerse themselves into the world of coding. Students will learn new concepts while refining their skills. 

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Coding Camp

Available: Summer

During the summer break, we provide the opportunities to learn how to code! We offer introduction and full stack immersive workshops designed for students who want to supplement their education or to start building their network and portfolio and start investing in a future career.



Available: All Year 

A celebration of tech creativity and collaboration, these dynamic competitions not only highlight the efforts of ingenious software and app developers, they are also vital in generating excitement by young people and others new to the tech world.  




Available: All Year 

We are partnering with agencies, higher education institutions, and student groups to leverage a growing awareness about technological opportunities and develop programs to foster their importance towards academic and career success.




Available: All Year 

Designed for those who are seeking further education or an introduction to coding. These workshops are opened to collegiate students or adults. Workshops can be tailored according to what organization or individual is seeking. 




Available: All Year 

We are working to ensure newly trained software engineers and other tech professionals receive the help to foster continued success and even work to support the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, innovators and other professionals

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